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Rana’s animal shelter (RAS) is a rational, compassionate and non-profitable animal shelter organization. R.A.S was founded in 2001 and later on in 2014 it was registered as an N.G.O. Today, Dr. Rana (CEO) and his team is taking forward this cause.

R.A.S is a shelter and hospital for sick and abandoned animals. We house all kind of animals from small pets to large animals. RAS is a permanent home for animals that have incurable and can’t be left on their own.

Our Mission

RAS as a charity by all means in the light of laws against animal cruelty promotes kindness and alleviates suffering of all animals.

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Our Objective

    The main objective of RAS is prevention of cruelty to animals and securing their health, safety and welfare. Immunization of stray animals to eradicate rabies. Rabies awareness derives at public places to educate the people about rabies prevention and cure. To reduce the over population of stray dogs through human effective method (T.N.R) To promote animal adoption. We seek permanent loving homes for animals (Adopt a pet today). Awareness and educational programs in school to sensitize the youth about animal needs and rights (Education and awareness is the key and the best place to start it is in the school). Community development work in the field of human welfare, awareness of animal care and protection of the environment.

Our Achievements

    We are proud of our accomplishments over the past few years (but can achieve much more with your help). We have animal shelter affiliated with Dr. Rana’s Pet Care Center. RAS has created an impact on the life of thousands of injured stray animals through adoption, rescue, foster care and health care services. On-site treatment of thousands of injured stray animals through our on-site first aid program. Community development work was also carried out for human welfare. We have conducted ‘awareness generation programs’ in schools and other public places on environment protection through animal care. We have been carrying out immunization and mass sterilization programs for stray cats and dogs on the recommendation of W.H.O on rabies eradication and dogs and cats over population. Shelter is being run by caring and experienced professionals and volunteers. We really appreciate the support of the community in making the volunteer program a success at RAS.

Vision For Future

    RAS aims to become a model animal shelter, a rescue facility and a true resource for community and animals of the capital city and surrounding areas. We envision a shelter where all animals can find their new homes where they are handled with care in a loving and stress free environment. A shelter where spay/neuter surgeries are provided at a low cost. RAS also aims to educate about animal rights which will help abused and neglected animals to recover fast. Becoming the most popular and modern animal hospital in the region which works 24 hours and has all the latest diagnoses and treatment facilities. Provide expertise and guidance to reduce over population of stray dogs and cats to the neighboring towns and villages. Running projects in villages to demonstrate how living can be modernized with hygiene and cohabitation of animals. We also hope to start a shelter for disabled animals in near future.

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This dream project will only become a reality with your help. We appeal all animal lovers and well wishers of RAS for financial assistance. Apart from monetary help we value your suggestions and advice.

Your institution, organization, company or only you can be a part of this project by donating for this noble cause.