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Dr. Rana's Animal Shelter

Location & HoursBlock 4-B,St.11,E-7, Islamabad (4400)Open Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm

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Our Vision

"It’s our vision to work for a world in which all human respects and live in a harmony with all other members of the animal kingdom".




Our Mission

"The RAS as a charity will, by all lawful cruelty, promote kindness and alleviate sufferings of all animals".


A shelter where spay/neuter surgeries are provided at a low cost. RAS also aims to educate our community regarding animal rights to help the abused and neglected animals. RAS wishes to take forward this revolution in order to help the effected animals recover fast.

RAS not only promises to become the most highly productive and modern animal hospital but also hopes to be a highly sort after vicinity in the region, running 24/7 and facilitated with the best possible diagnosis and treatments.

RAS will provide expertise and guidance to reduce over population of stray dogs and cats to the neighboring towns and villages. Whereas running projects to demonstrate hygiene and cohabitation of animals will also be a key notion.

With acceptance and support from the community, in the coming future, RAS also plans to start a shelter for the disabled animals in need.

Adopt A Pet Today

We sleek permanent loving homes for the animals in our shelter and promote animal adopting.



Foster Care

An Adoption or sponsor method where the community members can help and support animals living in the shelter. Community development work.

Expansion of Community developmental work in the field of human socirty, by promoting self help amongst the communnity and specially the youth.

To bring sustainable developmental livelihood,
-through domesticated animals
-their byproducts
-and the management and control of stry animals.

About Us

Rana’s animal shelter (RAS) is a non profiable welfare Organization for animal resue and refuge. This ratinaol and compassionate organization was founded in 2001 by Dr.Rana and was registered as an NGO in 2014.

Today Dr. Rana (CEO) and his highly qualified and dedicate team take this mission forward for a better tommorrow fr the anmals in need.

RAS is a shelter and hospital for abandoned animals, that have incurable problems and cannot be left on their own. RAS very compassionatelyworks towards alleviating their misery by providing them support and veterinary services. We are an “adoptable no kill shelter” meaning we never euthonize for sapce.