Rana’s animal shelter (RAS) is a rational, compassionate and non-profitable animal shelter organization. R.A.S was founded in 2001 and later on in 2014 it was registered as an N.G.O. Today, Dr. Rana (CEO) and his team is taking forward this cause. R.A.S is a shelter and hospital for sick and abandoned animals. We house all kind of animals from small pets to large animals. RAS is a permanent home for animals that have incurable and can’t be left on their own. RAS works towards alleviating their misery by providing shelter and veterinary services. We have a team that provides onsite first aid treatment to injured stray animals. We are an “adopt, don’t kill” shelter which means that we never euthanize for space.

Our Vision

“It’s our vision to work for a world in which all humans respect and live in harmony with all members of the animal kingdom.”

Our Mission

RAS as a charity by all means in the light of laws against animal cruelty promotes kindness and alleviates suffering of all animals.